Generate ideas quickly

What is it about?

Start a dynamic brainstorming session on your Infinity Stonepaper to quickly generate a range of ideas. This method promotes spontaneous and courageous idea generation in no time.

Time: 10 minutes

What's the point?

When you generate ideas freely and without filters, the greatest things often come out of it. And if you ever have a challenge, just take 10 minutes and meet it with a variety of ideas.

Single player

How it works

  1. Blank Infinity Stonepaper. Take a free Infinity Stonepaper and prepare your washable pens.
  2. Choose a topic : Write the topic or challenge you want to brainstorm your ideas for at the top of the paper.
  3. Timer Challenge : Set a timer for 5 minutes. The goal is to fill the paper with as many ideas as possible before the timer runs out.
  4. Without a filter : Write down every idea that comes to mind, no matter how far-fetched it seems.
  5. Reflect : After the timer is up, take time to highlight the ideas that stand out.
  6. Wipe away : Simply wipe away the less convincing ideas.


Jane wants to live more sustainably and writes “Sustainability at Home” on her paper. She sets the timer for 5 minutes and writes down everything from “avoiding trash” to “buying second-hand clothes” to “plant-based eating.” After the time is up, she highlights the ones she wants to implement, like “make your own cleaning supplies.”



How it works

  1. Prepare Take an Infinity Notepad to pass around or place an Infinity Board on the table or on the wall.
  2. Common Theme : Agree on a brainstorming topic and write it in the middle of the Infinity Stonepaper.
  3. All-round ideas : One after the other, you take turns writing ideas on the paper. (Notepads can be passed around). You can:
    1. Generate new ideas
    2. Build on each other's ideas and add modifications or improvements.
  4. Idea Relay : Limit each move to 30 seconds to keep the pace lively and exciting.
  5. Highlight and vote : Once the paper is full or the session ends, each player highlights an idea that seems most promising to them.
  6. Group Discussion : Discuss the highlighted ideas and decide whether some could be combined or further improved.


Mia starts with “Vertical Gardens.” Noah adds “hydroponic systems,” and Liam suggests “community gardening apps.” They build on each other's ideas, with Mia sketching a structure for vertical gardens, Noah drawing a simple hydroponic setup, and Liam designing an app interface.

They discuss the ways these technologies could be implemented in urban spaces and visualize how an app could connect the community and share resources.

At the end of the session, they decide to combine their ideas into a “Hydroponic Vertical Garden with a Community App” project and plan a meeting to develop a prototype.

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