Turns Infinity Stonepaper Cards into smart bookmarks

Your books are full of dog-ears and markings, but it's still a pain to process the content. Infinity Stonepaper Cards offer a practical solution. These smart bookmarks are not only sustainable, but also versatile and perfect for anyone who likes to organize their information quickly and efficiently.

How we use Infinity Stonepaper Cards as smart bookmarks: An example.

We want to green our apartment, balcony and backyard and have picked up the book "Everyone has their own green! Urban Permaculture - Self-sufficiency without a garden", which presents numerous implementation options. Of course, not all suggestions can be implemented directly. So we only want to write down what is applicable to our context.

As we flip through the pages, we use our Infinity Stonepaper Cards to capture in our own words the ideas that really fit our space. Once the card is full on both sides, we can simply use our smartphone or computer to digitize the collected notes. We open a note or document app like Docs, Word or others and use the speech recognition feature to read our handwritten notes aloud. The app converts our spoken words into text, gradually creating a document that summarizes all relevant and actionable ideas.

Every now and then we simply take a photo and then insert it directly into the file. For example, when we make drawings and sketches.

Then simply wipe the card off again. When we have finished our reading cycle, we simply write the last thought at the top and let it stick out from the book. This way our brain can quickly pick up the next time.

Sometimes we also use several cards at the same time in different chapters before digitizing. This method allows us to efficiently and specifically collect the tips that are suitable for our personal use.

Through this method, we extract the most valuable information from the book and ensure that we get the most out of it, adapted to our specific needs and possibilities.


The advantages summarized:

What makes Infinity Stonepaper Cards special?

  • Durable and Eco-Friendly: These cards are made of sturdy stone paper that is waterproof and tear-resistant. You can write on them and easily wipe off the notes without wasting paper.
  • Optimal size and design: The cards protrude comfortably from the book without getting in the way. You can easily grab them for quick access to important information.

    Application examples in daily life

    • For research and discovery: Write important information, page numbers and quotes directly on the cards. After digitizing the content, wipe off the notes and reuse the card.
    • In book clubs and discussion groups: Record your thoughts and questions about book chapters to bring into discussions. This will help you stay organized and prepared.

    Specific advantages and benefits

    • When writing and reading creatively: Use the cards to record streams of thought, character developments or plot lines. This helps you to delve deeper into the material and to structure your analyses or stories.
    • Improved memory and organization: By actively writing down information directly in the book, you not only improve your memory, but also keep your thoughts and analyses clear and accessible.
    • Flexibility and versatility: Whether for classic literature, textbooks or spontaneous notes at readings, these cards are a universal tool that adapts to every literary need.

    Here you can get the Infinity Stonepaper Cards

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