New tools + new ideas = new ways

Infinity Stonepaper: Reusable paper made from limestone

Infinity Stonepaper is environmentally friendly and has the potential to revolutionize the way we work and learn. An analogue bridge in a digital world.

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Beenius: The construction experience

Build your world as you like, bring your imagination into reality and explore new creative paths.

About Beenius

Sets for school? Complete equipment for the office? Write to us for individual inquiries and ideas.

And this is coming in 2025:

The Humusrevolution

Away with monotonous monocultures - in with permanent permacultures! Permaculture offers the most effective solution in the fight against climate change, because no other medium binds as much carbon as healthy soil.

So let's make the permaculture movement as popular as yoga. With the humus revolution. Starting in 2025.

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The studio.

Art. Art in Motion. Art to wear.

Upcycled clothes that really rock.

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