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Set 1: Beenius BAG

Set 1: Beenius BAG

Build the world the way you like it. Beenius is a playful construction experience for developing, designing and growing together. Every discovery opens up new possibilities. Everything is reusable. The journey can be started again and again.

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#beeniusworld: The world of ideas

Immerse yourself in a universe where children and adults alike can live out their imagination, develop fine motor skills and solve problems through play.

The magical Beenius Infinity wax allows you to construct all kinds of things, from simple models to complex structures. It can be reused and does not dry out. This means you can construct and deconstruct in no time at all.

Beenius is an adventure of discovery that you can explore in any direction. As an idea generator, as a construction game, as a teaching tool, as a design and art set. Every discovery leads to new discoveries.

By sharing on social networks with the hashtag #beeniusworld, this world is continuously enriched with new perspectives, creative approaches and cross-border ways of playing.

Experience architecture, design and playful cooperation

With Beenius you can create structures and buildings in no time. Architecture and design can be experienced at every level.

Beenius serves as a physical tool that supports the conception of new products and solutions. It allows for quick iterations and adjustments, speeding up the development process.

For future-oriented teams, Beenius offers an innovative platform for brainstorming and problem solving, promotes creative thinking and can also be used as a team building tool.

Integrates your own items

With Beenius you can not only use the included items over and over again (the wax doesn't dry out), but you can also integrate your own items. Every object opens up new possibilities. You can roll your constructions with bottle caps, swing them with rope, turn them with straws, cover them with paper, decorate them with fabrics, etc.

This way you can make individual discoveries with the things you already have available. Simply pack what you want to integrate into your experience into the bag.

Model2Reality: Turn small into big

With Model2Reality you transform your ideas into tangible realities. With the Beenius set you have the opportunity to create 3D instructions for your own pieces of furniture, inventions and even accommodation.

Beenius becomes a tool for realizing your own designs using globally applicable methods and recyclable materials. Upcycled plastic, bicycle tubes or ropes, for example, can be used as large connecting pieces.