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Set1: Infinity Stonepaper Boards BIG

Set1: Infinity Stonepaper Boards BIG

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Fusion of whiteboard and flipchart

Infinity Boards BIG in video

  • Hanging: The fusion of whiteboard and flipchart

    Transform your walls into flexible creative spaces with the large Infinity Boards! You can write on and wipe off Infinity Stonepaper again and again like whiteboards. They are more robust than normal flipcharts and reduce paper consumption considerably. Easy to attach with pins, Beenius Wax, poster strips, adhesive tape or magnetic strips. The board is full? Just turn it over and carry on. You can also connect two boards to make one large one.

  • Lying: As a desk pad

    Infinity Boards are perfect as desk pads: versatile, robust and environmentally friendly. You can write, draw or carry out creative projects on them. With their simple design, they not only look good on every desk and work table, they also unleash completely new ideas and creative impulses. For children, they are the ideal solution for school and homework, group projects and painting exercises.

  • Full flexibility with the carrying roller

    A portable, weatherproof whiteboard offers completely new possibilities. Move your meetings and project work to a café or outdoors. Simply roll out the boards, design your projects and roll them up again.

    The boards can withstand almost any weather and remain completely undamaged even in a rain shower.

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