Infinity Stonepaper is reusable paper made from limestone.

A whiteboard? A slate? A flipchart? A tablet?

Infinity Stonepaper is a fusion of all of these. Above all, it is the wipe-clean alternative to conventional paper.

The future of paper is written on limestone.

Infinity Stonepaper can bring new inspiration to every office, school and home.

Write. Swipe. Write. From very small to very large.

  • What is Infinity Stonepaper?

    • Limestone paper. Made from the remains of limestone mining, fused with synthetic resin (otherwise it would just be dust).
    • Waterproof, reusable. Can be painted on with water-based pens, written on and washed off again. Also works with common cleaning products.
    • Flexible and tear-resistant. It can be bent but will not break.
    • Mobile. Rollable and easy to transport, suitable for on the go.
    • Scissors stone paper. Can be easily cut to size.
    • Environmentally friendly. Made without water, wood or toxic chemicals.
  • What can you do with it?

    • On the wall. As a “whiteboard” or “blackboard” in different sizes.
    • As a base. Ideas, sketches, notes on the desk or work table.
    • As an endless creative space for children. To paint. Take a picture. Wipe away.
    • As a flip chart. Reusable. No paper waste madness.
    • For ideas and mind maps. Sort your thoughts in new ways.
    • For notes. Wipe away instead of crossing out and throwing away.
    • For the planning. As an appointment calendar. Cleaning plan. Grocery list.
    • For learning. Wiping away improves the experimental error culture.
    • Connection with the digital. Start analogously. Digital processing (#AI)
    • For school. Ideal on the tables for joint projects.
    • For workshops. As work tools. Mood boards. Brainstorming Canvas,...
    • And and and...

The flexible fusion of whiteboard and flipchart

Transform your walls into flexible creative spaces with the large Infinity Boards! Easy to attach with pins, Beenius Wax, poster strips or magnets, they serve as a convertible whiteboard or flipchart.

Unlike conventional solutions, our stone paper is flexible, rollable and portable - ideal for on the go. Forget the flood of paper from flipcharts; our boards are sustainable and much more robust.

Attention: Do not use whiteboard or flipchart markers as they are difficult to remove. Instead, use thick felt-tip pens or Frixion markers.

Learn by playing: Why Infinity Stonepaper should be in every child's room

Infinity Stonepaper is ideal for children: it encourages hours of creative learning and play. Children love the ease of wiping away their creations, which enables rapid learning through practice and error correction.

These boards reduce digital consumption and increase concentration, especially useful for homework and learning new concepts.

They encourage spontaneous, creative expression – a good alternative or welcome addition to screens.

The Frixion pens are particularly fun

Infinity Stonepaper works well with normal, water-based felt-tip pens. The color comes off a little harder and cleaning is more intensive. Use plenty of water, a sponge and, if necessary, a cleaner (e.g. vinegar or glass cleaner).

But while you can still wipe with a normal felt-tip pen, you can write with the Frixion pens.

Cleaning the Frixion pens and other thermal erasable pens is extremely easy. Even after months, everything can be reset immediately with a damp cloth.

Writing, photos, wiping: the interaction with digital tools

Infinity Stonepaper creates a seamless bridge between analog creativity and digital efficiency.

As digital handwriting recognition improves, notes can be quickly digitized, while whiteboard apps allow drawings to be shared in real time. Projects sketched on Stonepaper can flow directly into digital project management tools, and connecting with augmented reality apps turns simple drawings into interactive educational experiences.