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Infinity Stonepaper: Maps

Infinity Stonepaper: Maps

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Write. Wipe. Write.

A whiteboard? A slate? A flipchart? A tablet?

Infinity Stonepaper is a fusion of all of these. Above all, it is the wipe-clean alternative to conventional paper.

Write. Paint. Wipe. And start again.
The future of paper is written on limestone.

Infinity Stonepaper can bring new inspiration to every office, school and home.

  • Shopping, tasks, messages, quick notes

    Simply write on the list (this works best with Frixion clicker pens), do your shopping, wipe it off at home and use it again. The durable Infinity Stonepaper cards can withstand shopping trips and their handy format fits in handbags and trouser pockets.

  • For smart working and learning

    The Infinity Stonepaper cards are the perfect companion for brainstorming, moderations and presentations. Visualize your ideas, collect feedback and structure your projects - also use them as smart bookmarks and innovative learning paths.

  • Art in front, smart in the back

    For a special gift, design the front of a card with permanent markers or acrylic paint and use a washable pen to write the greeting on the back. This way, the recipient can reuse the washable card and have a unique gift card at the same time.

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