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Infinity Stonepaper Set “The All-Rounders”

Infinity Stonepaper Set “The All-Rounders”

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Write. Wipe. Write.

A whiteboard? A slate? A flipchart? A tablet?

Infinity Stonepaper is a fusion of all of these. Above all, it is the wipe-clean alternative to conventional paper.

Write. Paint. Wipe. And start again.
The future of paper is written on limestone.

Infinity Stonepaper can bring new inspiration to every office, school and home.

  • Hanging: The fusion of whiteboard and flipchart

    Transform your walls into flexible creative spaces with the large Infinity Boards! Easy to attach with pins, Beenius Wax, poster strips, adhesive tape, magnetic strips (see picture). The board is full? Simply turn it over and carry on.

  • Lying: As a desk pad

    Infinity Boards are perfect as desk pads: versatile, robust and environmentally friendly. You can write, draw or carry out creative projects on them. With their simple design, they not only look good on every desk and work table, they also unleash completely new ideas and creative impulses. For children, they are the ideal solution for school and homework, group projects and painting exercises.

  • Floating: Take it anywhere with the carrying roll

    The ability to take a weatherproof whiteboard with you everywhere opens up completely new possibilities. Move your meetings to a cafe or out in nature. Since the boards can withstand almost any weather (we haven't tested lightning strikes yet) and can be easily rolled, completely new possibilities for designing work and collaborative projects arise.

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