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Infinity Stonepaper Set “The All-Rounders”

Infinity Stonepaper Set “The All-Rounders”

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The all-rounders

Infinity Stonepaper MULTI-Set in video

  • Hanging and lying

    The large Infinity Stonepaper Boards are suitable as portable whiteboards on the wall and as a robust writing surface. They are ideal for brainstorming, planning, group and project work. You can also use them outdoors for announcements, as information boards and much more.

  • Smart combinations

    By combining different boards, even complex projects can be structured and at the same time designed in an agile and creative way.

    For example: We like to use the large boards for our overall overviews and for managing our current tasks. We use the smaller ones for quick ideas, "thought files" and to-do lists.

  • Revolutionizes the to-do list

    Infinity Stonepaper makes to-do lists more efficient and clearer. Completed tasks are simply wiped away, keeping the list airy and clear without becoming confusing due to too many strikethroughs. No paper waste and the ability to constantly change what you have written promotes creative work.

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