Infinity Stonepaper

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Infinity Stonepaper folder

Infinity Stonepaper folder

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Write. Wipe. Write.

A whiteboard? A slate? A flipchart? A tablet?

Infinity Stonepaper is a fusion of all of these. Above all, it is the wipe-clean alternative to conventional paper.

Write. Paint. Wipe. And start again.
The future of paper is written on limestone.

Infinity Stonepaper can bring new inspiration to every office, school and home.

  • Ideal for meetings and discussions

    A lot of notes are taken during meetings, and most of the notes are not needed in the long term, which leads to paper waste. The Infinity folder offers unlimited space for notes. In A3 size (42 x 29.7 cm) it is perfect for collaborative brainstorming, while the A4 size is ideal for taking notes and then digitizing them as photos. No paper waste and no distracting technical devices.

  • Travelling with the Infinity Folder

    Whether in a coworking space in Berlin or in the Semien Mountains in Ethiopia, the Infinity Folder is the ideal tool for traveling and for digital nomads. Whether you use it to record your thoughts, sketch the country and its people, create mind maps on the beach, note the most important points in online meetings, or move your work into nature, with the Infinity Folder you always have space for your ideas. Everywhere.

  • Analogue working

    The Infinity Folder offers a distraction-free method for developing ideas and projects. The combination of sketches, drawings and analogue work enables concentrated and effective work. Use different formats for calendars, ideas, tasks and notes. This way you can fully exploit your creativity and productivity without digital distractions.

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