Vision 2029

We want to look ahead. And starting in 2024, explore where the journey can take you.

In 2029, education around the world has changed dramatically - it is more equitable and accessible to everyone. An important part of this development was InfinityStonepaper, an innovative tool that was made available to children and teachers around the world.

Schools that once had little material became places of learning with abundant resources. Tables and walls were transformed into reusable writing and painting surfaces. And all the children had their own, smaller versions of these washable magic sheets.

A worldwide network emerged that shared effective learning methods and reached even the most remote areas. InfinityStonepaper helped improve learning at home and in schools, especially in resource-poor areas.

It is also environmentally friendly: companies that mine limestone began to produce reusable paper from the waste materials. This saved water and trees.

Paper did not have to be imported. The supply routes were short. More trees left standing means preserving one of the largest natural CO2 stores.

In addition to the industrial production sites, local economic circuits around stone paper also emerged. Worn paper could be recycled using simple methods. Small workshops were able to use limestone and collected plastics to produce new stone paper and supply it to local educational institutions.

By 2029, Infinity Stonepaper has become a symbol of sustainable and equitable education. It stands for innovation and ensuring that every child has access to good learning materials. Education became a collaborative, creative and environmentally conscious experience.

Can we make this vision a reality together?

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I want to help bring Infinity Stonepaper to the US. Looking forward to placing my order.

Adria Fox

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