From beetroot to marigold: natural colours on Infinity Stonepaper have endless potential

The constant search for the right pens that can be easily removed from the Infinity Stonepaper led us to discover Sevengardens and to work with natural colors. The colors that can be easily extracted from the flowers not only look beautiful on the Infinity Stonepaper, but can also be washed off without leaving any residue. Will we soon be going to schools and our own gardens at home to pick the colors we want?

Natural colours are the future - and have a long tradition

At the Creativa trade fair in Dortmund, we met the team around Peter Reichenbach and Sevengardens. For many years, Sevengardens has been working on the reappropriation and revitalization of plant dyeing techniques, which use the simplest of means to extract colors and color pigments from flowering plants.

And together we had great moments of celebration, because: Natural colors hold really well on the Infinity Stonepaper. And can be easily washed off with a damp cloth without leaving any residue. Just like with the Frixion pens from Pilot, for example. Exactly what we were looking for. The potential of this discovery seems endless. Around 1300 plants have been documented worldwide as dye plants. Whether as a forest garden, herb spiral, historical gardens or simply on the balcony - colors can be planted practically anywhere. The Sevengardens network spreads knowledge about plant-based colors and supports local communities in setting up their own dye gardens (more information at

The dye garden offers space for numerous educational programs and creative workshops. Schools and social institutions can produce their own plant dyes and use them in art projects and in classes. This is a sustainable alternative to industrially produced dyes and raises awareness of the protection of natural resources. In addition, the dye garden serves as a place of shared learning and creativity where people of all ages and backgrounds come together to produce and use sustainable dyes.

A hot topic for global education

Leveling up global education is one of our main motivations for creating SolarPunk Now. Why we want to bring rewritable writing and painting surfaces with Infinity Stonepaper and reusable construction experiences with Beenius into the world. Because: Many children and schools in the world simply lack the necessary materials. Up to now, materials have had to be purchased and repurchased again and again. Many people simply don't have the means to do this. But if learning tools can be used again and again, the question no longer arises.

Schools can now make their own paints from local plants, preserve them and use them year-round, minimising dependence on imported materials and reducing costs. Learning tools are suddenly available in abundance.

Instead of the toxic colors of whiteboard markers, written on metallic whiteboards, there are completely non-toxic colors from nature, written and painted on Infinity Stonepaper, with the same handling.

Basically completely free. With a high ecological added value.

The combination is a win-win for everyone. The potential is huge: children (both big and small) can put the colors in their mouths without worrying, art therapists can hold their sessions almost anywhere, schools can easily establish a color cycle on their premises and at the same time teach children important basics of botany and ecology.

New opportunities for art therapists

Art therapists often have a particularly high level of material wear and tear. In art therapy, however, it is less about the actual result and more about the process.

This process art helps people focus on the creative process, express emotions through art, and address deep emotional challenges.

With natural colors and Infinity Stonepaper in the case, workshops can now be held anywhere and just a few materials are enough to create a wealth of creative snapshots that can easily be put back again with a wet cloth. Plant materials also strengthen the connection to nature, which is beneficial in many therapeutic contexts.

The whole thing can develop into a much more intense experience instead of just relying on the usual method of paper and pen.

Help spread the word

We dream of a colorful future with dye gardens as far as the eye can see.

And of people who develop their creative potential all over the world.

Help us spread the word. Try it yourself. Play with the different colors and the new possibilities that arise here.

And please spread the word. Perhaps you can think of people for whom the whole concept could be exciting and feel free to forward this article to them.

If you have any spontaneous ideas or suggestions, we would be happy to exchange them with you.

In this way, color by color and plant by plant, we bring more natural creativity into the world.

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